Height6'1" Chest39" Waist31" Inseam30" Collar16" Sleeve34" Suit38" Suit LengthR Shoe10.5 US HairBrown EyesBlue
Ben Hargrave
Height6'0" Waist29" Inseam40" Collar13.5" Suit36" Shoe11 US HairBlack EyesBrown
Cameron DelGrosso
Height6'3" Chest37.5" Waist32" Inseam34" Collar15.5" Sleeve36" Suit38" Suit LengthL Shoe10.5 US HairBrown EyesGreen
Daniel Fredrick
Height5'9" Waist31" Inseam32" Shoe9.5 US HairDark Brown EyesBrown
Darien Griffin II
Height5'9" Chest42" Waist36" Inseam29" Collar16.5" Suit44" Shoe9.5 US HairSalt and Pepper EyesBlue
Gorman John Ruggiero
Height5'10" Waist31" Inseam32" Collar15.5" Suit38" Suit LengthR HairStrawberry Blonde EyesBlue/Green
Griffin Stanton-Ameisen
Height5'10" Chest42" Waist33" Inseam30" Collar17" Sleeve33" Suit LengthR Shoe9.5 US HairBrown EyesBrown
Isaac Rodriguez
Height6'1" Waist36" Inseam32" Collar17.5" Sleeve34" Suit46" Suit LengthL Shoe10 US HairBrown EyesBrown
James Bagnell
Height5'5" Chest41" Waist38" Inseam29" Collar16" Sleeve32" Suit46" Suit LengthS Shoe9 US HairSalt and Pepper EyesBlue
Jerry Carrier
Height5'7" Chest40" Waist33" Inseam30" Collar15.5" Sleeve32" Suit42" Suit LengthS Shoe8.5 US HairSalt and Pepper EyesBlue
John Bahm
Height6'7" Chest47.5" Waist41.5" Inseam36" Collar16.5" Sleeve37" Suit38" Suit LengthXL Shoe14 US HairBrown EyesGreen
Matt Clevy
Height5'10" Chest42.5" Waist36" Inseam34" HairBlack EyesBlack
Oraldo Austin
Height6'0" Chest38" Waist34" Inseam32" Collar15.5" Sleeve35" Suit38" Suit LengthR Shoe9.5 US HairDark Brown EyesHazel
Paul Monte Jr.
Height6'1" Chest48" Waist39" Inseam30" Collar17.5" Sleeve34" Suit48" Suit LengthL Shoe12 US HairGrey EyesBlue
Randall Gort
Height5'9" Waist34" Inseam30" Collar15.5" Sleeve32" Suit40" Suit LengthR Shoe8 US HairSalt and Pepper EyesBrown
Robert D. Heath
Height6'0" Chest41" Waist32" Inseam32" Collar16" Sleeve34" Suit40" Suit LengthL Shoe10 US HairBrown EyesBrown
Sean Close
Height5'10" Chest42" Waist36" Inseam32" Collar15" Sleeve33" Suit LengthR Shoe10 US HairSalt and Pepper EyesBlue
Tim Irvine