Height6'0" Chest42" Waist32" Inseam33" Collar16.5" Sleeve34" Suit42" Suit LengthR Shoe11 US HairSalt and Pepper EyesBlue
Clayton Paterson
Height6'4" Chest39" Waist30" Inseam33" Collar15.5" Sleeve33" Suit40" Suit LengthL Shoe12.5 US HairBrown EyesGreen
Colin Lewis
Height6'2" Chest40" Waist34" Inseam34" Collar16" Sleeve37" Suit42" Suit LengthL Shoe12 US HairBlack EyesBrown
Dwayne Moore
Height6'2" Waist30" Inseam33" Collar15" Suit44" Suit LengthL Shoe12 US HairBlack EyesBrown
Fredrique Wills
Height6'2" Chest43.5" Waist33" Inseam36" Collar16.5" Sleeve35.5" Suit43" Suit LengthL Shoe11 US HairSalt and Pepper EyesGreen
Greg Berzinsky
Height6'2" Chest35" Waist32" Inseam30" Collar15.5" Sleeve26" Suit32" Suit LengthL Shoe12 US HairBlack EyesBrown
Height6'2" Chest38" Waist32" Inseam32" Collar15" Sleeve34.5" Suit40" Shoe11 US HairBlonde EyesBlue
Jordan Hagel
Height6'2" Chest42" Waist32" Inseam34" Collar17" Sleeve23" Suit42" Suit LengthR Shoe12 US HairDark Blonde EyesBlue
Joshua Katowitz
Height6'1" Chest42" Waist33" Inseam34" Collar17" Suit42" Suit LengthR Shoe11 US HairBlack EyesBrown
Kyle Price
Height5'11" Chest41" Waist32" Inseam32" Suit42" Suit LengthR Shoe10.5 US HairLight Brown EyesBrown
Lou Morey
Height6'1" Chest41" Waist32" Inseam32" Collar15.5" Sleeve34.5" Suit41" Suit LengthL Shoe10 US HairSalt and Pepper EyesBlue
Martin Rinab
Height6'0" Chest39.5" Waist31" Inseam31" Collar16" Sleeve33" Suit41" Suit LengthR Shoe11 US HairRed EyesGreen
Nicholas Skidmore
Height6'2.5" Chest39" Waist34" Inseam32" Collar15" Sleeve37" Suit40" Suit LengthR Shoe12 US HairBrown EyesBrown
Pablo Maldonado
Height5'10" Chest39" Waist31" Inseam30.5" Collar14.5" Sleeve33" Suit38.5" Suit LengthR Shoe10.5 US HairBlonde EyesBlue
Stephen Zavitsky
Height6'3.5" Chest38" Waist32" Inseam34" Collar15" Sleeve36.5" Suit40" Suit LengthL Shoe11.5 US HairDark Brown EyesBrown
Terence Mad