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Thank you for your interest in being represented by Vie Model + Talent Agency. In order to evaluate your marketability with Vie, please fill out the following form.

Please keep in mind that all Vie employees communicate via email domains that end with If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be a representative of Vie Model + Talent Agency, email to check their validity. Falsely claiming to be a representative or scout of any agency is illegal.



Photo upload


If you are applying to be an actor, please upload your headshot, resume, and reel.


If you are applying to be a model, please upload your digitals as specified below.

Tips for taking digitals

  • These pictures should NOT be professional
  • Have a clean face with no makeup on
  • Pull your hair back
  • Wear a form fitting outfit (such as skinny jeans and a tank top, a two piece swimsuit, etc.) because we need to see the shape of your body
  • Remove all jewelry
  • Don't wear hats or eyewear
  • Keep body language simple and relaxed
  • No selfies
  • Natural light is most flattering
  • Shoot with a solid background behind you
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