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Our Story

Our “Good Vibes” started in 2017 when CEO and LA agent, Will Ball, decided to form his own agency in Hoboken, NJ. Having over 15 years of experience working in the industry, Will wanted to create a different kind of agency, one that was built on mutual respect with both his talent and his clients. In addition, he wanted to form a more genuine agency. This meant a company that reflected his own values including, but not limited to, honesty, transparency, and inclusivity. So Will created an agency which embodied his own “Good Vibes” and the company experienced immediate success.

As the company grew, so did the team, client list, and talent pool. However, the company opted for a more selective approach and made the conscious decision to keep its roster small. Today, Vie Model + Talent Agency remains one of the most sought-after agencies in the industry. The company is known for its ethics, professionalism, and authenticity. Furthermore, every model and actor at Vie has a reputation for being as reliable as they are personable.

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Our Mission

To increase the “Good Vibes” within the industry through a heightened focus on communication, integrity, and inclusivity. “Good Vibes” means acceptance to all, giving back to the community, and being one's genuine self. We pride ourselves on our boutique, yet competitive, roster and value the relationships we share with our talent and our clients. We adamantly reject and condemn any form of intolerance.

The “Good Vibes” start with us and permeates through everything that we do. Our role within the industry is to put our talent first and continuously fight on their behalf. Whether that's negotiating for higher wages, supporting their autonomy, or promoting their individuality, we always have our talents' best interests at heart. We do all of this while maintaining a cool demeanor and a friendly attitude.

Together, we can change the narrative and set a new standard for ethical and empowering representation. Join us as we embrace the power of “Good Vibes” and create a world where positivity shines, diversity is celebrated, and beauty is defined by the uniqueness of each individual. Welcome to Vie, where “Good Vibes” reign supreme.

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